My poem

As I looked outside my window,
A snowman was walking down the street,
Stunned I peered out at the sidewalk,
And to my surprise he was really there.
He was well dressed,
As every snowman should be,
A top hat,
And coat,
He even had on mittens,
And a jogging suit,
But I could not see he feet,
Only the fact he was moving towards me.
So of course I did what everyone in position would do,
I screamed at the top of my lungs,
But the snow man did not hear me,
It was probably due to the fact he had his ear buds in.
I wondered for a split second what he was listening to,
And I did the second thing someone in my position would do.
I put on my hat,
And coat,
My mittens,
And tennis shoes.
And off I went,
Out my door,
And around the bend,
Down the sidewalk,
And up the street,
Hope that a real snowman was the person I’d meet.
And as I grew closer to the snowman,
He began to melt,
I ran to his rescue,
And when I was there in front of him,
He was about gone,
He became a puddle,
And hopeless,
I scooped him up,
Into my empty mug,
And looked up to the cruel sun that had done this,
And as I looked up,
There was a man,
Dressed in an all white snow suit,
Top hat,
And jogging suit,
He was munching on a carrot,
And he went on his way,
Listening to a song.


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