My friend Rachel Anson owns a buisness called retro modern, in some of the pictures below you will see a purse that she made me. Which I LOVE! Her buisness is called retro modern!

go to http://www.rmfashiondesign.com/

This is the girl who won the 10,000 though I came in 3rd , I'm happy what I got, and I'm happy for her!




Welcome to my blog, you've probbaly heard about my soon to be online buisness Lasting fashions, ( click link to see a sneak peek! ->http://rmfashiondesign.com/lastingfashions/index.htm ) Well, what are you waiting for? check it out! The store will be ONLINE SOON! I will annouce the grand openning of this website when it is open! Thanks for taking intrest in my blog/website!

Don't we all miss steve from blues clues? WELL I DO! I cried during his last episode where he left ! :'-( Turns out he left to persue his career as a band member. AND YES THAT'S THE TRUTH! here's his website -> http://www.steveburnsrocks.us/ His name is steve burns. And He is a Indi-Rock artist, and he belongs to the flaming lips(the band) http://www.flaminglips.com/

like every other kid I had the:


Notebook & crayon!

The blues clues sing-a-long radio (we still have it)

The blues clues blowup chair

& the tickity tock clock

The blue dog too!

I still to this day, still have the radio- it's so old it still includes pluto as a planet. I really Miss steve but I am glad that none of the rumors are true & that he is living his dream . Goodluck steve!


today was the best day ever! okay, first MSA was soooo easy! Next guess what an A on my heakth project, then I got extra credit on my science project! Ms. beynum ( my science teacher ) likes me, I didn't have to take a math test, instead I got to play on the computer, then I ACED a vocab test, AND GOT MY MAGIZINE PURSE! It's all because of my lucky vest!



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"Lasting Fashions"


go to http://www.rmfashiondesign.com/

This is the girl who won the 10,000 though I came in 3rd , I'm happy what I got, and I'm happy for her!

Cool idea!

Wow ,
it's soooo beautiful outside. It has really warmed up. Yesterday we went shopping , and we didn't even have to bring out coats!
I guess I haven't put anything "real" on here. I mean like actual writting. Usually I look for good you tube videos , or tell you about school, and stuff. we'll I guess It's too nice outside to pass it up! I guess I'll go out side before the weather gets stinky, agian. SO I guess I'll go ride my bike, or take a hike through the woods!




I love googles many logos, this is March 2nds one!

Matthew ( my brother ) broke my dvd Player- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! how can I watch dark shadows now! He's broke 6 dvd players! OM Gosh isn't that crazy! he's never aloud in my room ever! I made a braclet out of pop tabs today, well yesterday- HAHA! GO GREEN! :-)