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I know all of you are anticipating the arrival of my NEW store! But hold your horses, do you really know how long it takes to create your own online biz? Here let me explain!

First things first the products. For some people it can take them YEARS to develope a product! But if you know what you want to do you have create it - time Depends

Name: Lets face it, lifes hard enough with LA HW, add in the proccess of creating a name that will last- Here comes the Headace. time 2-3 months

Prices: You have to reasearch the other companies ( if any other ) prices. Then decide on your own what you want yours to be. Time: Depends ( generally 30 days of research )

Heres the BIG one!

web creation: You have to brainstorm, create, run, edit, manage,& fix probs!Time: This takes a long time 3 mo. to 6 mo's! AHHH!

Launch: you have to advertise and launch your site. Time less than 20 days! ( easiest part!)

Manage: Keep your biz running! As long as your biz is open!

Total: Aprox. 1 year!

can you see why its not up yet?


Carrot Cake Any One???


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