Snow / update

So, today (well last night) it snowed!
Which means NO SCHOOL for me, sweet I know.
And it is already 4:20 and I have not eaten lunch yet,
I know, I know, your probably like
Well I have been really busy today organizing my room,
updating my young women website {which you can see here},
painting with water color,
reading The Clocks by Agatha Christie, 
I have been really BUSY! The term is almost over,
which means I will be out of English and math, and into science and history.
I liked math this year, I have even considered doubling up (which means you take on math class the first half of the year and another the next.) but I'll figure that all out when I get there.

English class was a really challenging course to take. Man, I have NEVER read so much! (Cue HELP! by the Beatles)
But I am currently happily reading Agatha Cristie's The Clocks. which so far is an amazing novel. 
Anyways, I am eating lunch now.
My mom just came home with some OREO cones , { Ice cream cones, YUM!}
and some vanilla ice cream.

Welp. I just wanted to give you guys an update on my life.
Oh and I love the churches (I'm LDS {A.K.A Mormon} )
the new Personal Progress website, it is SO easy to use.
This is the site 
I linked it up on my website
Check it out on the Personal Progress Page :)

Currently listening to "We are going to be friends"
Have a Happy New Year -


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