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So.... Welp, I have not blogged recently, but that just means alot is going on.
Where in the world should I start???
Let us start at the most influential.
Phantom of the Opera
The coolest most amazing show my school has ever done! We had 8 shows, 8 standing ovations, fog, fire, smoke, and the best singers and orchestras ever. you see....
Mr. Hoffman the director booked the rights to the play TWO days after it was released. We got immeadiatley to work. The cast was selected, the orchestra members recieved their music, and I heard about the casting.
Although I cannot Sing, Or Dance, or Act, I wanted to be a part of the most awesome show ever.

So there I was, sitting in the cafeteria then I asked this girl who I could speak to about helping out with the play, she told me to go see mrs. Tringali, however I didn't know who she was so the girl showed me to her classroom. Tringali then told me about Costume Crew, and I offically became a part of it.

We spent long nights after school
Seam Ripping,
and we soon were nearing Tech Week.
Ah, Tech Week, the mot hectic time ever. Everyone must have their lines down, rehearsed, and their singing voices prepped, make up worked out, costumes made, and box people* know where to go and what set pieces to move.

honestly looking back Tech week was fun, but when it was actually happening it was crazy! I was tired, exhausted and ready to explode at times.
However I got to know the costume crew ladies a little more. Mrs.Trigali offered me a coffee from Starbucks but I explained to her I don't drink coffee
See some stories on why I do not drink coffee here, and here.
Anyways , so I asked if she could get me a Hot Chocolate instead, she did and insisted on paying. It was okay, however it was not as good as Mc.Donalds hot chocolate which is SO good!!
I was talking about Phantom.
So one night I was initiated into Chest Nest which is a club of all the girls from the TJ stage, crew {me!} and tech. It was so fun and funy, and we screamed alot. It was cool.
Then came opening night, over 400 people showed up on a thursday, SWEET! We got a standing ovation. My role in the play is to fix costumes and pin stuff, and to hand out masks to the cast for masquerade. Three masks broke, but you know I had a glue gun, however it was tricky because they were ceramic.
Oh! Backstage you are NOT allowed to have cell phones and there was no way of telling what time it was, that was a problem some nights.
Here is My Scheldule for Phantom
  • 5:00 be there with food or already eaten
  • 5:45 Sound Check for cast chance for me to get stuff together
  • 6:15makeup and get costumes on for 1st scene
  • 6:30 Quick run through/ notes
  • 6:45 speech in "green room"
  • 7:00 last minute fixes
  • 7:15 set check
  • 7:30 show begins
  • Now it becomes a blur
  • Sit and watch
  • Fix / pin / sew
  • Play a game /talk
  • Fix/pin/sew
  • Hand out masks
  • Run down to backtage with buket
  • Watch and wait for scene to be over
  • Collect masks
  • Alphabatize masks on shelf
  • pin/ fix/ sew
  • talk /chat / play Contact
  • watch play
  • Do a quick change on Felicia
  • Clean up
  • Put away clothes and go to Chest Nest
  • 11:30 leave.
This is what I did every show night,
It's crazy, hectic and Fun!
Then I met this kid, his name is David Croy he is a nice mormon senior kid, he and I became friends.
The before I knew it, it was the last show, we had a matinee This blog will continue later.
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So today was the start of General Conference and there are lots and lots of ideas, but here is what my family did.  it's a Word Watcher Game It is where you listen for words that "pop" up several times though out General Conference. The words we used were Service, Prophet, Jesus and Heavenly Father and Holy Ghosts (basically Godhead), Love, and finally, Family.  We wrote those words on sticky notes and stuck them on 5 different mugs. And we had popcorn kernels (you could use candy, marbles, pennies, confetti, chocolate chips, pasta, macaroni etc.) Put the item(s) in one bowl. Then put out the mugs nearby your family. Or make one person responsible for a mug. Through out general conference when you hear a word said put in one of the items in that words mug. At the end count and eat/play. Or do what we did make something out of it. We counted them ( we were only able to watch half of it) and we heardService (33)Prophet (15) God Head {Jesus, Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost} (29) Love (22)Family (48) Keep in mind this is what we heard and it may be wrong, then we turned the Kernels into popcorn. And gave an object lesson (using actual salt) about be the salt of the world.
In the New Testament the Savior referred to his disciples as the “salt of the earth,” and charged them to retain their savor (Matt. 5:13). He repeated this charge to his chosen disciples on the American continent:

verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the salt of the earth;
but if the salt shall lose its savor, wherewith shall the earth be
salted? The salt shall be thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast
out and to be trodden under foot of men” (3 Ne. 12:13).

When the Lord used the expression “savor of men,” he was speaking of
those who represent him. He was referring to those who have repented,
who have been washed clean in the waters of baptism, and who have
covenanted to take upon them his name and his cause. Moreover, he was
speaking of those who would share by covenant his priesthood power. He
was speaking of you and me.
Find the lesson herehttp://lds.org/ensign/1980/05/salt-of-the-earth-savor-of-men-and-saviors-of-men?langang=eng&query=%E2%80%9Csalt+earth+%E2%80%9C

I asked which salt the lord would want, which one they wanted. Of course it was the one that was clean.

The popcorn kernels represented us in the premortal existence. And when we came here and received bodies (went through the popcorn popper) we became people of all different shapes and conditions. Some may have burdens here on earth, some may not of even "popped" but we are all here on earth ( a bowl) together.  The salt represents the members of the earth who can help those on earth, and who share the gospel. Although salt can go bad, (through disobedience.)

verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the salt of the earth;
but if the salt shall lose its savor, wherewith shall the earth be
salted? The salt shall be thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast
out and to be trodden under foot of men” (3 Ne. 12:13).
So if we want to spread the gospel than we need to be like the good salt of the earth.

Here is what we did.

 teddy gram bingo

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