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Busy....once agian

Hey ladies!
I know, I know, I know. I have been slacking. Slacking on my blogging. It is inevitable.
And I have the lame excuse of school. This year it has been crazy!
We are are were so busy this past year, and wow, what a quick year it has been!
School usually takes up most of my time,

but the free time I have left I spend:

Working on my portfolio (art)
Drawing, Painting, Sketching,
Personal Progress,
Reading my scriptures,
soon driving(EEKS!)
and of course whatever is put upon my plate.

I have also started up, yet another blog for my personal progress. It is this blog

It is called One blogging crafter.....and life as she sees it.

School. Hmmmm..... what about school.
It has been going well. I am in
Algebra 2,
Drawing and Painting 2,
French 1. (Which has been exciting.)

The reason seminary is so big is because I go to seminary before school. Which is a hug hassle, but I do not regret it.

Anyways that is all I have time for.
I'll try to blog more :)
Pray, Read,Smile :D


Buddy Bear and the Road trip

I'm back from my very exhausting trip, across the country and back! phew! My family (all 5 of us) piled into our van, as well as our huge suitcases. Unfortunately not all hotels are "Doggy Friendly" so we had to leave the Yorker at home. He expressed his sadness by sobbing atop his only possession in his house that he can claim his, His leather sofa. He begged saying, "I'll eat hamburger instead of steak, I'll also drink the tap water instead of being feed little ice cubes. I'll be good! I promise I'll only order room service for breakfast, and I'll sleep on the bed next to the air conditioning so no one gets cold." Okay so he didn't really say that, we just assumed that is what he said. So we took him to the doggy Hotel ( the vets office) and he waved goodbye with his sorrowful look as he begged not to have the cell next to bowzer the angry bull dog. Of course he is just a little drama king, and was taken very good care of, except they trimmed his very long nails, which I was perceive was very difficult for the vets, that they got revenge on us by sharpening his nails. Although I don't blame them, two Hulk Hogans, the sweet vet, the cone of shame and some medicine to knock him out, all while being strapped down to the table, wouldn't be enough to get his nails simply groomed. He will let you comb him, bathe him, and blow dry his hair, put him in a sweater and call him a baby, but he won't let you trim his nails. 

Pray, Read,Smile :D


The soda tab watch I made.

I have made over 100 soda tab bracelets, and I decided to make a watch bracelet today. It was easy, and I am considering making them and selling them.
I got a watch face at Joanns, and a cute crown charm from there also.

I just made the bracelet like normal and attached it to the watch and attached the charm.
I love it. I wear it all the time. :D

Pray, Read,Smile :D

I have the coolest Aunt ever.

I just got this in the mail. A belated birthday present from the best Aunt ever! My Aunt Kim!!

A soda bottle filled with Goodies!!! How cool. She sent the bottle through the mail, and it went all the way from Utah to here on the East Coast!!!

And here is all the goodies inside. A Bath fizz, 3 magnets, monogramed sticky notes, an itunes gift card, a gemstone monogram sticker, A giant blue clip, a ice cream chapstick, flowers, and handmade necklace.  (Shown in the images below)

I really love it all! Thanks Aunt Kim!!
Pray, Read,Smile :D


Camp Booklets for Girls Camp.

This year I am a YCL for Girls Camp. {Youth Camp Leader.} And I was assigned to make camp books/schedules for all 150 girls and 50 leaders. YIKES! So I worked really hard and camp up with this design.

You print it back to back. And Walla! Beautiful. It is stapled and hole punched at the top. I might be doing a tutorial later. might be. not a promise.

BUT Girls Camp is ALMOST HERE! It's next monday, insanity! I haven't even packed. I am super Duper excited because our theme is
Heavenly Ever After.... A crown awaits you!
I love this theme a whole lot because it is so spirit filled. {Don't know what I'm talking about? learn more here }
As you can see by the schedule we will be doing a great amount of work to make this camp a success. I have been studying the subject in the scriptures. {Learn more HERE } and praying for the success of this camp. I love Girls camp. Last year was so fun!   And I know, Girls camp will be great this year too. I'll blog more later. :D <- SUPER SMILE

Pray, Read,Smile :D

On a new road....

Well, This story is so cliche, but I am on the road to getting healthier. I posted (a while ago ) a post on me run/walking a 5k. Well I feel like that was a great start to getting on the road to getting "Healthy". I am overweight, and I know I need to fix it before  it leads to a life of being big. I'm not like the girl on HUGE. and I do not consider my self so big I need to go on one of those TV shows, but I feel like I could be, as I said before, Healthier. So my mom and I are working out this summer. Running, watching Richard Simmons, Lesli Sanson, and trying to eat right. I am considering getting the book
300 under 300. Which is a book of 300 hundred recipes under 300 calories. I don't know if it the diet for me, but it is worth a try. So wish me luck :)

Pray, Read,Smile :D


My Birthday

So today is my Birthday! I'm going to Friendlys and I'm going to open my presents soon. I just wanted to say :THANK YOU for all the Birthday wishes! 

Here is me and my BFF Melody :) 
Pray, Read,Smile :D