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Okay I have been doing these every since I put this blog up. They're like round-ups of all sorts of awesome things. But recent I've been feeling that all my blog is , is just a bunch of borrowed pictures. No tutorials, No info, No opinion, and only one story. So for no on. I will be writing and making videos to put on this blog. I will still be doing Friday Favorites, but maybe I'll actually perfect it a little more. ;)

So here is today Friday Favorites:
You can find it HERE

 Selena Gomez can rock any outfit! She has such a unique look, she so pretty and yet shes not frail, she is strong, courageous, not afraid to stand for what she believes in.

 These are pretty interesting collars that I found at believe it or not
Charlotte Russe! 
I Kind of want to make something like this. From what I can tell they just took circle fabric cut outs, and folded them and sewed them into a shirt.

Since my room isn't exactly picture perfect, I plan to this year
Here are a few ideas to use in the re-design of my room.
I like the gray, and the mirror, and the tall lamps, the pillows, I love EVERYTHING!  (about the room below)
I love the white duvet with the Bohemian quilt underneath.  I love how it's modern , but not cold.
It's like a beauty five star hotel.

 After my post on the hanging snow flakes - you can view it here I realized that I really like having something hanging from the ceiling, I mean why just have such on the wall and floors?  It's creative and fun.
Here are my snow flakes

Here are other cool hanging art ideas all of the following is from

I like two things about this room, the chandelier and the huge splatter paint mural!
I also love these paper pom poms, It's just fun!

And this one is the coolest of all,
it's yet another paper craft....
 It's "flying" paper cranes
so colorful and fun! oh and did I mention there is a hanging chair. So Cool!

 I love fabric banners.  A definitive  to-do!
Oh and yet another crazy fun quilt!


Just Whip-it!


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