This is my wish token!

My little brother, thinks he's a puppy. he climbed into our puppy's cage.

Me & my little brother.

Some things I think are amazing!!

monopoly is my fav. game!

These are really cool monsters!


I clipped this out of our news paper!

My favorite old tv show!

one of my fav, new tv shows!


Wrote alot.

ahhhhhhhhh-------- (sigh of relife ) Its winter break. No school, family time, No school, presents, No school, christmas, No school, Snow (mabye), No school, relaxation, No School, giving, No school, and did I mention NO SCHOOL?!?!?!? Since it is christmas break, I can actully wright on my blog. As you have been noticing I have been putting random stuff all over my blog- I need to change my background too. I mean its been on here since august. Have you noticed every year gose by so quickly. Like today I said I'm 12 even though I'm 13! I have been busier than ever, I'll probally be sooo busy next year that I won't even be able to wright a sentence on here. ( I hope that dosent happen ) I feel so guilty- this sunday we had a lesson on being organized time wise, and Oh my gosh! I'm not organized at all! I can't belive that next year I'm gonna be in High school! ( is that even possible? ) I stink at math and spelling but I'm the only one in my math class with an A. I guess its my work habbits, that made me good. Did any of you watch Merry christmas drake and josh, I DID! it was so cute. Wow I wrote alot. Hey did you know i'm Lds (Mormon) (for all my un-mormon Bff's ) yeah I'm mormon! So we were studying the mormon trail in History, I swear I was laughing in my head- I wanted to just burst out in Laughter! I see me now, Boy if I did that I'd look like the biggest idiot! Oh in math today, ( yeah I had school today dosent it stink! ) but esparro taught our class. For those of you who don't know esparro, he's a student, not a teacher. He's a good teacher. It was funny he just said "yo, everybody shut up." and everybody got quite. If your got this far without falling asleep and are continuing reading- where is a AWESOME place to get dressy shoes. I have almost NO dressy shoes. I love shaun the sheep & wallace & gromet, but I think we've established that in the last post. Any ways do you have a facebook?? I DO! I love it, but I'm always too busy to be on it! We had chorus tryouts today, I tried out for the solo in so close ( i hope I don't get it! ) I don't want to sing in the concert ( I know I should of thought about that before I tried out! ) Guess What I wanted for christmas - only 1 thing an Ipod touch. I love apple! But I wanted the ipod but they only have AT&T but AT&T stinks! holy crap I wrote alot - I've been doing alot of crochet, and I love it! I made my sisters inhaler a sweater! my dog 2 sweaters, me 2 scarves, 1 hat, and my mom a glasses case, and my friend a purse, oh And shoe lasses for me & my brother, And last a shaun the sheep doll. I'm a crazy crafter. We'll thats me.

-Laura / LasGirl / bigbear525


day at the office

I found theese on youtube!

And once you go pro you can enter the Olympics!