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I found this Photo, and I was like. WOW! O.O

The following my friend emailed me. She said she got them from Etsy.com

Faux Fox

I love, Love, LOVE theses prints!

My favorite color BLUE! I Love this old phone!

tatertots and Jello http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/ provided this super cute christmas set up

What an Adorable sparkly shinny scarf

PierOne imports


I saw Tangled, and it was Amazing! I'm 15, and I went with my dad and 11 year old sis. to see it. And I laughed, I smiled, and I cried. This will become a Disney Classic. :) Rating: GO SEE IT!



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What I've been up to

So yesterday I made 6 1/2 Vlogs which are posted on my youtube page

Just go to Youtube and search Lastingfashions

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Friday Find

Cute How to


This is how I use the computer. My brother watches Arthur (I kinda watch it too- Hey it's a great show) and I Facebook, blog, and update my website. It's great to do this.

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody :D

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