Pottery contest

Remember that pottery contest I entered? Well I got an Honorable mention, it might not be winning, but I think I did really well! When I get the peice back I will take pictures and post it right here, and on my facebook. Here is the email I received and a coupon you can use!
(If you live in my area).




Haha , this is exactly how I feel ! Living on the easten side of the country we got hit by the snow storm of febuary 2010 (haha I like saying that!) Our town got about 40 inches, but we did have some pretty bad snow drifts. Below are some pictures of our recent storm.

The beautiful pink cotton candy like clouds.
This is my Dad standing next to only some of the snow we shovled off our deck. Later that week our shovel broke, and it turns out shovels are "Out of Season" at stores. Great. Oh and my Dad is wearing a hat he got from his mission in Finland. He is one of the very few here who speaks Finnish. I am trying to learn. All of the Finnish words sounds funny. (Tip: If you are going to learn finnish you have to be able to roll your "R's" {Which I can do!} ). Look at all that snow. Oh our car is under that pile of snow by the garage door. We got about 40 total inches! Yeah, I know CRAZY!
Part A of the Storm. 32 1/2 inches, was measured either monday or tuesday ( I can't remember!). And we had a total of 40 by the end of part B.

May you be, where ever you may dwell, safe, warm, and loved.
Best Wishes!



Where's Waldo Fashion http://blog.polyvore.com/2008/08/wheres-waldo.html

This is just a funny articale I found. ( Lot's of picture for those of you younger readers. )

I LOVE this Show!

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That I just LOVE!

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Monopoly party

Tired of the boring, so-so party themes? Like bland Luas. Then host a Monopoly party, this works for someone who has so many interests , and can be fitted to anyones liking. Here are some links I found on this party idea.

http://www.hrm.uh.edu/docs/CRI/Monopoly.pdf ( party ideas pdf )

http://www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com/monopoly.htm ( party ideas {continued})

http://www.areyougame.com/Interact/item.asp?itemno=HB00035&sa=18 ( monopoly money for invitations or favors )

http://www.evite.com/party/invitations/#theme/game_night ( Cool emailed invites )

http://www.ehow.com/how_2163673_host-monopoly-game-night.html ( More party ideas )

http://www.squidoo.com/monopolygifts ( monopoly gifts )

Party Ideas

Send out invatations at least 3 weeks before the party so guests can plan and scheldule to come, you can send it snail mail by sending a card the one of the Chance or comunity chest cards on it and write "Take a chance, and come to a MONOPOLY party! " or "Come and Play MONOPOLY!" Or any other type of phrase. Include all of the normal information you would find on an invatation.
Name, What, When, Where, Why, and what to bring. And if food is provided.

During the party play a CD or ipod playlist with music that matches the theme. Also play taboo, taboo is a game where you pick a word like "Money" or "loose" or "Move" that will be a common word said during the party. If you or one of your guest catch someone saying that word the first one to point it out will get $1 of monopoly money from the one who said it. And at the end of the night, the person with the most "Monopoly money" will win a prize. ( I suggest the prize to be a money necklace and a HundredGrand chocolate bar or any money related candy)

Guests are greated with Mr.Monopoly , This could be one of your male friends, father, uncle, ect...

All you need is Mr.Monopoly to wear his suit, bow tie, and don't forget that hat, and mustache.

However if you are having an ALL GIRLS party, you may not want to have Mr.Monopoly. Worried about money? Scratch this then! Don't worry you DON'T need it! Instead great guest yourself, your friends will be happy to see you. Want a comprimise? Want something in the middle?

Create a Sign in board using a large poster board which can be bought for $1 at any craft or dollar store. Decorate it to look like a property card with your name in the center. Or write Friends and under it for the cost write Priceless this will make your guest feel welcomed right away. Have guests sign it with an attached sharpie maker. This will cost you about $2 ( $1 poster board $1 sharpie {oh and you'll need tape }) Tape the sign up and your ready to go!

( IdeaB ) Now for the fun Give away, give out monopoly money ( from http://www.areyougame.com/Interact/item.asp?itemno=HB00035&sa=18 ) and buy wrist tickets ( At orientaltrading.com their wrist tickets are really inexpensive! and hand them out to guests and ask them to wear it through out the night. Spray paint or paint 1 wrist ticket with glow in the dark paint. I suggest you use green wriststaps, so you can't tell which one is painted. Put straps in a bucket and shuffle them around. This makes it a completley random. Or Instead of painting the straps glow in the dark, write numbers on the straps and on seprate paper straps that should be placed in an inexpensive top hat to be drawed from later.

Now here is an oppurtunity to decorate! Get large peice of paper and posterboard, as well as a large packet or makers, paint, a printer, crayons, or any colored writing device. Make some of the propertys and train stations very large or just on regular paper. Then print out some of the small stops that are less important. The most important one is the "GO" signwhich should be placed at the start or the game board, paint the "GO" sign with the left over glow in the dark paint. You could either tape it to the wall or floor. I suggest asking to or renting out a gym (this has a large floor space, and can also be easy to setup.) For people who want to have their parties outside host your party at a park. Or live in a wet/snowy area and want a low cost party then have it just in your home. ( afterall it's FREE!)
Now that you have the game board set up, you can now create "stations" such as "Boardwalk avenue" For food, and "Winning Lane" for your prize table. We thought creating a "Present Palace" would be good for a birthday party and would help direct guest to the present table to leave their gifts. If this is for a big anniversary, family reunion, or for a school or company event have a table or memories and call it "Memory Lane" this is a cute way or showing guests happy memorable moments. You can even create a "Jail box" which could be in one of the corners of the room. Guests are sent there if they land there while playing monopoly, and in order to get out they have to roll doubles or pay a fine.

After you have picked your "stations" create a To-Do list, Such as a guideline on what you want to do when. However remember things don't always go as planned, for example a game of limbo may take seconds , while a game of monopoly may take quite a while to play. Here is a good scheldule for this kind of party
1. Welcome Guests
2. Handout wristlets/ talk about wristlets
3. play games
4. Station time
5. Food/dinner/lunch time
6. Presents (if any)
7. Awards Time
8. Glow in the dark wristlet winner
9. Goodbyes /goodies

You can also give your guests the freedom of doing several different things at once. Expecially if this is a large event.
There is alot of different versions of monopoly, so you can change any of the aspects to fit your theme. Such as in a Sport-OPOLY party you can cange the stations, properties, and prizes.

Here are Food ideas, You can do anything to match your theme or just have the classic , Pizza, Soda, and Chips!
Boardwalk :
Hot dogs,
Slushes/crushed ice,
Any thing you would find on the "board walk" of the beach

Pigs in a blanket,
"Dog Chow" ( I don't know how to explain it but it's sooo good! just google it)
Bone shaped cookies,
Or anything really

Hawiian pizza,
Pineapple/strawberry kabobs,
Fruit punch,
and Fruit & dip.

I suggest just getting Pizza, Chips , Soda or punch, mabye some fruit, and if you have an ice crusher to make ICEE's or Slushes. If Serving you might want to limit how many if it's a large event by marking the guest wristbands.

During the whole party pass out Monopoly money ( availble at http://www.areyougame.com/Interact/item.asp?itemno=HB00035&sa=18 )
This can be used to buy prizes/food/ play games ect.
To Get more money you have to win more games. Make sure you hand out enough so each guest can get food.

After food is a prime time to open presents , ( if any ) This can also allow slow eaters more time to eat. Is it a birthday? Need cake? Take an image of a monopoly playing board ( google has a couple good ones ) to your local bakery, and ask if you can have the image printed on a sheet cake and fill the whole top or the cake. I the baker cannot ask if he/she can make the cake look like a chance or property card with your or the birthday kids, or the event/companies name. This will look cool and will be less expensive than getting an icecream or specialty cake. Thats what so great about monopoly most things are flat! :D

Depending on what your budget is or how many guest you have choose prizes that are affordable and might match the theme, Orientaltrading.com has a large selection and they are fairly inexpensive.
Now it's time for the big prize. Remember those wristbands, well one is glow in the dark, or one has the lucky number. If you did the lucky number thing then draw the number out of Mr.Monopolys hat. If you had the glow in the dark band then for a moment turn out the lights, and tell everyone if you are the one with the glow in the dark band to come to the go "GO" sign ( which is also glow in the dark). The big prize should be Mr.Monopolys hat and either a new monopoly game , candy, cash, or a more expensive prize.
Goodie bags:
Goodie bags can have candy, small prizes, or something really funny such as glow in the dark shutter shades, or to match the original monopoly give out "Mr.Monopolys" ( formally Mr.Moneybags ) Money bags filled chocolste coins and play monopoly $500 dollar monopoly dollar. Thank guest for comming and remember to send out thankyou cards!

Cost $ Well because there are so many options on how to hold this party I can't pin down exactly how much it will cost.

Our Party

Instead of having a prize table we had the guests get monopoly money when they won a game or gained a property , this money could be used to buy their goodybags.

Our Supplies:
Ecard invites,$0
Our own monopoly game, $0
Streamers Blue & yellow $2
Posterboard,$10 for 20 pack at staples.
Alot of paper,$5
Tape.( we had some at home so $0 )
Markers/crayons, ( Our own home supplies so $0 )
Monopoly Money ( Alot of it!)$12 worth
Glow in the dark paint, $3 for paint $80 for spray paint
Wristbands,$8 for 100
Our Churches Gym. $0
(We had our guest come at 2 so they had already eaten )
Paper plates: $5
Forks $3
( We had a water fountain so we didn't need cups )
(We had no small prizes )
Taboo winner ( optional ) :
100grand chocolate bar,$.50 ( or $3 money necklace )
Grand prize:
Crown the glow in the dark winner Ms. or Mr. Monopoly with a hat hat,$3( If you can afford it give them money or a new monopoly gsme, we gave the winner a $20)
Music Playlist,$0 ( we had all the music we needed,)
We gave out Shutter shades at the end, which is $8 for 12 so it cost us like $24 for a little more than 30.
Emailed thankyous $ FREE!

Total: $125.5 For a WHOLE party!!! Although it was costly it was worth it! However compaired to traditional Sweet 16 B-day party this was Super INEXPENSIVE! :D And way more fun!


This is a cool project runway!

Cool Website http://www.wix.com/jeremyburksart/babybolt

Baby its cold outside!

So as you may know the Ground Hog predicts 6 more weeks of winter. During this time Grab your camera and take pictures of everyday things, It may seem silly- but sometimes the most simple items and moments have the most impact. You don't have to be a pro. All you need is a camera. Take a moment to document your life and the lifes of others. I will be working on my scrapbook, and I will be posting How-tos and tips on how to make a great scrapbook, even if you are not artistic. So Check back soon.