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I am back from Vacation! I had so much fun, check out what I did ( and yes this IS my video )


Getting Ready for Back to Lame-
JK Back to School. I hate the fact that this word has come back into our Vocab! I mean every where you go- walmart, target, the mall, ect. & ect. They are advertising Back to school stuff, It's bad enough that we HAVE to go back, but why must they make our summer lame by ads??? :-) I stop watching TV for good because of school ads.

bad news VS. good news
due to my trip to Utah and lack of internet there- I was not able to work on creating my products and website- so my store will not open as soon as I wanted it. :-(
G^O^O^D N^E^W^S:
I will however have enough summer left to be able to open it when school starts! :-)

So Save up for Sweet 'n' Savy Stuff comming out around September!

-Laura Singleton