This is my wish token!

My little brother, thinks he's a puppy. he climbed into our puppy's cage.

Me & my little brother.

Some things I think are amazing!!

monopoly is my fav. game!

These are really cool monsters!


I clipped this out of our news paper!

My favorite old tv show!

one of my fav, new tv shows!


Wrote alot.

ahhhhhhhhh-------- (sigh of relife ) Its winter break. No school, family time, No school, presents, No school, christmas, No school, Snow (mabye), No school, relaxation, No School, giving, No school, and did I mention NO SCHOOL?!?!?!? Since it is christmas break, I can actully wright on my blog. As you have been noticing I have been putting random stuff all over my blog- I need to change my background too. I mean its been on here since august. Have you noticed every year gose by so quickly. Like today I said I'm 12 even though I'm 13! I have been busier than ever, I'll probally be sooo busy next year that I won't even be able to wright a sentence on here. ( I hope that dosent happen ) I feel so guilty- this sunday we had a lesson on being organized time wise, and Oh my gosh! I'm not organized at all! I can't belive that next year I'm gonna be in High school! ( is that even possible? ) I stink at math and spelling but I'm the only one in my math class with an A. I guess its my work habbits, that made me good. Did any of you watch Merry christmas drake and josh, I DID! it was so cute. Wow I wrote alot. Hey did you know i'm Lds (Mormon) (for all my un-mormon Bff's ) yeah I'm mormon! So we were studying the mormon trail in History, I swear I was laughing in my head- I wanted to just burst out in Laughter! I see me now, Boy if I did that I'd look like the biggest idiot! Oh in math today, ( yeah I had school today dosent it stink! ) but esparro taught our class. For those of you who don't know esparro, he's a student, not a teacher. He's a good teacher. It was funny he just said "yo, everybody shut up." and everybody got quite. If your got this far without falling asleep and are continuing reading- where is a AWESOME place to get dressy shoes. I have almost NO dressy shoes. I love shaun the sheep & wallace & gromet, but I think we've established that in the last post. Any ways do you have a facebook?? I DO! I love it, but I'm always too busy to be on it! We had chorus tryouts today, I tried out for the solo in so close ( i hope I don't get it! ) I don't want to sing in the concert ( I know I should of thought about that before I tried out! ) Guess What I wanted for christmas - only 1 thing an Ipod touch. I love apple! But I wanted the ipod but they only have AT&T but AT&T stinks! holy crap I wrote alot - I've been doing alot of crochet, and I love it! I made my sisters inhaler a sweater! my dog 2 sweaters, me 2 scarves, 1 hat, and my mom a glasses case, and my friend a purse, oh And shoe lasses for me & my brother, And last a shaun the sheep doll. I'm a crazy crafter. We'll thats me.

-Laura / LasGirl / bigbear525


day at the office

I found theese on youtube!

And once you go pro you can enter the Olympics!


You know its christmas when you hear sirens- yes sirens. In the past 5 minutes santa came in a big fire truck ( thats not my picture ) Santa does that every year, and he always brings his candy canes, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! he asks us what we want and then carry's on. To me thats a real visit from santa, not a peitie wait in line for for hours, line butters, screaming kids, fraud santa & no candy, that's the fake mall santa. Dosen't sound fun. The real visit from santa (to me) is where he comes in a fire truck to each individual house, handing out candy, no lines & a friendly santa. Nice-

This is so weird-

SOrry I've been putting up pics, videos, and other junk, enstead of writting but I thought I should share stuff I like!! SO I hope you LOVE my blog!

GAME"S ARE AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Christmas wish! ( awesome! )

Heads up!

The all-new Nabooti Island will launch on the afternoon of Thursday, December 11th. Mark your calendar and be one of the first to play.

-Poptropica Creators

Go to this web for an awesome - EPISODE OF GHOST HUNTERS! http://www.scifi.com/rewind/?sid=32855

Christmas Countdown & MySpace Layouts

Award winning!!

funny -

I love my ipod!


go to http://lastingcraft.blogspot.com/
This is my other blog!!!

Ahhh- I need some new dressy shoes! but what!?!? I need help

I am sooooooooooo mad my sister has had her friend over 4x this week!!! almost every day after school- I wish she would just stop having her friend over! Its so not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My FAv's

Shoot Your Eye Out
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I don't know what I want for christmas! do you? if you do I hope you get everything on your list- Oh, and don't get a gun! You'll shoot your eye out!

below is the link to watch paranomal state online - check it out!

Challenge!!! I challenge you to find 42 ( yes 42 ) picture's of the first letter in your first name- BUT they can't be the same !!!! I DID IT- If I can you can!!



Bear Crazy secrets

Ahhhhh- How cute

LoOk @ ThEsE aMaZiNg PiCtUrEs !!

Aren't they awesome?????? My grandma emailed them to me!!! awesome huh! They're awesome!!!!!!


Crafty STUFF

Favorite craft sites






My grandma

My Grandmother Myrna Adamson, Just passed away- I don't know what to think , I want to be sad but i know she's going to heaven- But here's a few memories


My favorite Muppets & more!!

My favorite Muppets & more!!


dance like no one's watching ,sing like no ones listening, love like you've never beeen hurt before, live like heaven begins tomarrow