There are lots of options of chairs, some very conventional and some very unconventional, some you can sit in, some you want to sit in, some that you shouldn't sit upon. No matter what kind of chair it is, it's still a chair. Here are my favorite chairs,

both chairs above are found at http://adorkableannie.blogspot.com/2010/07/sit-stay-while.html
Cast Iron Bathtub Couch


TOBIAS Chair clear Width: 21 5/8 " Depth: 22 " Height: 32 1/4 " Seat width: 18 7/8 " Seat depth: 18 1/8 " Seat height: 17 3/8 "  Width: 55 cm Depth: 56 cm Height: 82 cm Seat width: 48 cm Seat depth: 46 cm Seat height: 44 cm  http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20115038

BRC Designs: Organ Chair by BRC Designs.

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Etsy's / Mary Poppins/ fire Works

If you read this blog often your know

and yesterday they had a cool how to that I missed because I was out seeing the musical Mary Poppins! (which I'll get to later in this post.)
So Etsy's How-To Tuesday featured a post on how to tie a sailors knot, I've always loved the look of this knot, and I've always wanted to learn how to do it. If you don't know what I'm talking about it looks like this:

Click here to go to Etsy's post.

Okay now to Mary Poppins,

It was a Fabulous show! I saw it at the Kennedy Center in Washington, and even though it was long drive it was well worth it!
This show is a hand clapping sing along musical, that is really upbeat and touching. It's the perfect take on a well known classic. And the only way to describe it is,


 However, I ended up paying $4 for a chocolate bar, and $25 for a wonderful shirt, 

 Well I know this is 10 days late, but on the 4th of July we went and saw some fireworks on a farm, the fire works were fantastic! We parked in the big field of dead grass (we haven't had rain in a while) and we watched them. Right now I'm going to the store, but when I get back I'll post the videos Right Here! So keep reading!

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Well on Friday I'll be hitting the Road,

Well on Friday I'll be hitting the Road,
My Family is Driving all the way from the eastern part of the US to the west. We are going to Utah to visit our large family. We'll be leaving home Friday and we will arrive approximately there on Tuesday. Yes I know a long drive. I may be able to blog, I may not. My grandpa does not have a computer, but I could always take my ipod touch into a wifi area and use it.
I'm going to have to get ready now, I'm going to see Mary Poppins on Broadway tonight, I'm so excited my first Broadway play!

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Cute petals,

So even though the amazing show threadbanger is gone, a new Style network emerges. Even though when I first heard this I protested in my heart, I think I've come to realize they do have a few good episodes, however they will never be as good as the real threadbanger with Meg, Corinne & Rob. Here is a great how to

I can't wait to dress up my tees!
Need more ideas? Go to
http://shanty2chic.blogspot.com/2010/06/lace-flower-tutorial.html For a Fabulous Lady Like Lace  Flower How to shown in the pic below,

Always has creative ideas on how to dress up your Average T-shirt.
Like this Tutorial

I've did this bib necklace back in may,
Not the crafty type?
Here are some embellished items you can buy

Silver Grey Altered Tee GREY GARDENS by MaggieGlynn Link 

Silver Grey Altered Tee GREY GARDENS by MaggieGlynn

Wild Flower Tee - Pop Up Top - You Pick Color and Style Link

Wild Flower Tee - Pop Up Top - You Pick Color and Style

Eco Friendly Felt Flower Bib Necklace - Heather Gray - Black or Cream Ribbon link

Eco Friendly Felt Flower Bib Necklace - Heather Gray - Black or Cream Ribbon

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HEY Grab My button!

Do you have a blog? Do you read my blog? Do you have friends? If you've answered Yes to at least question #1 then share my blog!


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Let them eat CAKE!

So I was reading http://littlemissmomma.blogspot.com/ and I found this AMAZING cake recipe, http://littlemissmomma.blogspot.com/2010/07/cake-pop-recipe.html
Can you believe that you cake make cake in ball form? This is a picture of her cake balls

Click here for the How To
Thanks for the recipe Little miss momma! :D

Here is another find that I've found,
It's called Lost things, it's a stop action film that kinda reminds me of those electronic book commericals

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Old Tunes, playing in new rooms,

Okay I'll admit it, I love alot of songs from 'way back when' and I'd thought I'd share my personal favorite,

One of my favorites from Queen is Bohemian Rhapsody
ABBA's Dancing Queen
Alphaville's Forever Young
I love all the beach Boys music, I really like surfin' USA
Another band I just love! Go beatles!
I like the Jacksons five I'll be there
Rose Royce's Car Wash is just a classic
"The Wheel in the sky keeps on turning"
"Don't stop beliven' "
I Absolutley love Happy Jack!

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