Secret love- the 50s

I feel that todays women with their busy lives kinda get up in the morning and through something on. Women in the fifties didn't leave their homes wearing jeans, a tee, and a pair of converse, a dab of lip gloss and half done hair, no way! They left their homes primped and well dressed for the day, dresses were always pressed and pristine, gloves and hats were a must! And hair well curled and brushed. Ah, how I marvel at the lifestyle I'll never live. But I can still dress as if I left in a time machine. But I'll need to get better shoes, and a dress or two. Maybe I'll sew one! I love this blue dress with the built in collar!  I also like the more modern look below, however I'm not bold enough to wear red jeans! But I love the vespa bag and mens coat for women!

Bewitched (the famed 1950's show is my main inspiration ) I love Samantha's many outfits!

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