Friday the 13th!

Okay well it may be Friday the 13th, but I think that it's just another day. Another day or two in the year closer to Christmas, next year, or tomorrow. But since it is such a well known 'holiday' I decided to put together a blog post.
First things First! Here is a video on the history of Friday the 13th

Sense Friday the 13th is mostly about being scared , I decided to put things on my to do list that might get me ready to be scared or get scared
Level one:
 Read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies , I've heard great things
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Level two:

Watch Poltergeist again, I absolutely LOVE this movie, all I have to say is "They're here..."

Level 3: Rent The Forth kind , and watch it.

If you have any movie / book suggestions that might get me scared, POST IT PLEASE! thanks

And sense I don't believe in superstitions or in the 13th, I decided to just write about making cake pops, yes you heard me, cake pops. Well I need ( okay I want ) something I can eat while I'm watching these movies. I wonder if I can make these with part the chocolate cake, part cheese cake and part cream cheese frosting. hmmm.... YUM! with a cherry in the center of each.
I found this amazing recipe over at


The recipe looks easy & messy and I plan to make these pops tomorrow before I go to this big church dance. 

Man, now I really feel like watching ghost hunters and fact or faked, I wonder if it's on TTYL!

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