Got Jeans?

So I went to walmart and found some AMAZING jeans for $18, they're of really good quality and fit like a glove! But after that stress filled shopping, I decided to unwind with a little threadbanger. Then I came across this cute video,

I know, I know, It's summer! But hey, why can't the holidays be year round?
Things I love about Christmas ;

1. Threadbangers Twelve days of Christmas crafts http://www.threadbanger.com/threadheads/post/10785/the-12-days-of-handmade-christmas

 2. The 50's take on Christmas, Tinsel and glass ornaments, house spelling like cinnamon, pleasant children, nice dinner on nice china in nice dinning room. Ha, It's seems like a fantasy- but that's how they did it !

3.Crazy Trees

4. Garlands, What a cute idea, everyone has a wreath but not many people have garlands for inside their home

5. The Long Threads post on cute Christmas Decor, 
6. Megs Christmas wreaths, So unique!

7. Gingerman puppets( Grandmas , these would be super cute gifts! If  you have a little extra cash, or only one grand child put a few dollars or gift cards inside, maybe some candy )
 8. A Christmas story, In my opinion you can not skip watching this during Christmas, NOWAY! Or else it would be like not going to church on Christmas.

9.  Unusual Stockings 

 10. Martha Stewart & teams Christmas ideas , She always has amazing craft ideas and recipes!
11. Waking up on Christmas day to home baked cinnamon rolls that my mom baked

12. Cool and unique Stocking stuffers  like these;
http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/stocking-stuffers I also like to get DVDs, Lipgloss, Money, and anything crafty and so totally me!

13. SNOW!

14. Christmas lights

15.  Christmas Ham & Sparkling grape juice

16. Charlie brown Christmas

17. Having some one appreciate all the work you put in to finding or making the perfect gift. priceless! 

18. I love to look at Awkward family photos during Christmas

19. Not being able to sleep at night knowing you will get Christmas gifts the next day

20. Getting exactly what you wanted is always the best

21. Getting new Pajamas.

22. Giving a gift

23. Receiving gifts from

Uncommongoods.com Fredflare.com  & Vat19.com

24. Staying up all day using all the new stuff you got

25. Tearing off the wrapping paper really fast just though excitment

26. Hanging with your family

27. Making family videos
/ taking pictures

a Christmas story Chinese restaurant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTq20prt0K8
29. Watching the Three stooges, Phineas and  Ferb & Worlds dumbest during Christmas day / Having Guest over


Now what do I hate about Christmas?
1. They play the same songs over & over on the radio
2. Annoying shoppers
3. Ridiculous prices

Now back to summer, 
This is the most amazing post , okay , get ready for this, ICE CREAM without the machine! And NO you don't use a hand crank, and no you don't go to the store and buy ice cream, you make it in a mixer! A mixer!
Check it out!
And before summer is completely over I HAVE to post this!

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