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I love the table setting  at this wedding so cute!
Has THE best party ideas, and there are soooo many options, all the parties has so many beautiful details. Best cakes!
http://charmcitycakes.com/ Duff makes one of a kind cakes! I love watching his show! 
I also thought it would be fun to have a cheesecake for a wedding cake. By the way if you didn't catch this " I LOVE CHEESE CAKE! " you may not be able to have a shaped cake, but you can put several cheesecakes on a fancy cake stand.  I saw a wedding with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, I love sunflowers! they're not your typical wedding roses and they just bring sunshine in your life.  I think the best time to have have a wedding is in the spring/ fall. Why do weddings have to be in the dying heat of summer?

I've read many post on unique invites, but this is my favorite!

It's a record with invite info, although it would be too expensive to mail, make, or buy.
Once your married you'll need a cozy home to live in, what about this one?


Need entertainment? Find a local silhouette cutter who does weddings, met him/her early on, have him/her cut you and your spouse out and photocopy it on to a contrasting color paper, upload on computer and add text and make wedding invite.  http://roving-artist.com/weddings/index.html
I've always adored birdcages, what a unique veil!

Insane art!



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