I'm going bts shopping

I'm going back to school shopping. But as you may know where we live (and all the USA) people don't have alot of extra spending money (unless your paris hilton or bill gates) so I might have to get over my fear of wearing clothes other people have worn, man up, and shop at godwill. You see I have a phobia of clothes that other people (such a strangers) have worn. I know it's like the weirdest thing to be afriad of, but it creeps me out! So in order to calm my nerves, I told myself I'd put those clothes through a rebirth and make them mine, and if I don't reconize them being some one elses, my mind will be at peace. So I searched the internet & found lots of T-shirt recons, but my favorite recon is this bleached skinny jeans by Threadbanger. Of coarse I'm nowhere near being a size 2, or model size so I'll keep the fit the same.

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