Sew before the Snow

I am just trying this out for the first time, its a new maybe series of blog posts about sewing crafts. I am in a sewing club, and  we were suppose to have a meeting, but we didn't   So , I am working on this. 

Okay , I got to thinking, in the shower, anyways, I got to thinking about making a Scoodie. A Scoodie is a Scarf with a hoodie attached to it, it's great when your going out and you just have a HUGE snow storm like we had last year....

Read more about it HERE
You can find other cool scarf and shirt howtos through GolfStew , I found this video on how a Scoodie

Here are some cool sewing projects....
Bib necklace

The amazing Quilts from Honey Bee Lane

Or how about this cute doggie bed + doggie blanket

How about an easy project even the kids can do, maybe they can make these and give to mom? :D
I love this Handmade BAG!

This winding skirt  is SO CUTE!



Who says Women can't wear ties?!?! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/OivM/~3/JM8NMHh0iNM/guest-project-make-tie-skirt.html

And Last but not least (in the sewing category) This AMAZING T-Shirt!

Not Exactly sewing but still a wonderful project! http://adiamondinthestuff.blogspot.com/2010/10/sheet-music-sofa-table.html

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