Creative Christmas- Happy Holidays 2

This post is all about the Kids in your life, weather they're your own or some one you love and care about, this post is a round up of the coolest DIY gifts. The thing is, kids ask for toys, toys BIG companies make. Well, the thing is it is really hard to buy or make gifts for a kid because their likes changes quickly and often. But depending on the age of the kid, any one of these gifts would make an awesome present. When I say "Kid" I mean 6-10
Preteens are 11-12 Teens 13-19 and Young adults are 20+ , but one thing is for sure, no matter how old you are, or what you like, most people like getting gifts. I love getting gifts from (our family's friends) the Thurgoods because the create little baskets of things I love. So to get the perfect gift, ask about that persons likes, dislikes, and favorite candy .

ANIMALS ( Best for younger kids, or the Future Vets or Animal Lovers in your family)
Tip find out what the kids favorite kinds of animals


Art Set - This is one of those things that is great for ALL ages, young or old, an artist will appreciate the work put into to make them this art kit.


Home Made Playdough -Wonderfull for kids ages 5- 7, when your eight it gets a little old.


New out of the Old - Crayons - This is great for any age of kid. Pair it with a fun note pad so the artist can start doodling right away


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