400th post! Tuesday/friday favorite , Christmas at Target

 Hey guys this is post 400 , FOUR HUNDRED! I am sooo excited to announce that I a currently working on a CONTEST, which will be fantastic!! So check back on soon to enter!

oh and I found this site http://www.aidforaidan.wordpress.com/, there is a little boy Aidan who has cancer, and his drawings sold here (http://www.etsy.com/shop/AidansMonsters?ref=seller_info) Has help pay for his medical expenses. So if you are looking for abstart art with a heart buy a print from Aidan :D

Oh and I LOVE the following Target Commercial, I've seen it a million times and laugh every time I see it!

Today was a half day , so it felt like Friday so I decided to make this a Tuesday/Friday Favorites

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