Haha , this is exactly how I feel ! Living on the easten side of the country we got hit by the snow storm of febuary 2010 (haha I like saying that!) Our town got about 40 inches, but we did have some pretty bad snow drifts. Below are some pictures of our recent storm.

The beautiful pink cotton candy like clouds.
This is my Dad standing next to only some of the snow we shovled off our deck. Later that week our shovel broke, and it turns out shovels are "Out of Season" at stores. Great. Oh and my Dad is wearing a hat he got from his mission in Finland. He is one of the very few here who speaks Finnish. I am trying to learn. All of the Finnish words sounds funny. (Tip: If you are going to learn finnish you have to be able to roll your "R's" {Which I can do!} ). Look at all that snow. Oh our car is under that pile of snow by the garage door. We got about 40 total inches! Yeah, I know CRAZY!
Part A of the Storm. 32 1/2 inches, was measured either monday or tuesday ( I can't remember!). And we had a total of 40 by the end of part B.

May you be, where ever you may dwell, safe, warm, and loved.
Best Wishes!


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