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Ecoist Is giving away some "swag" that's worth $1500, of Eco-conscious products. Eco blog post comming SOON!

Stitchable Stationary, the book, is an AMAZING book that is on my get list. I saw it at Michael's and I totally wanted to have it!

This dress from Charolette Russe, cost $40 online, but I got it ( shhhhhhhh..... don't tell)
for my sister for Christmas for $5 at my local Charolette Russe. I went shopping there and my mom made me drag my sister around. So anyways, there was a clearence rack for end of season, Everything on that rack was five dollars. So trying to break the awkwardness of me being with my sister in a more teen/adult store, I made her try on some dresses and stuff. This dress I suppose to fit a teen from chest to mid thigh, but it fit her from chest to ankles. So I had the lady at the counter hold it for me while my sister was distracted, I took my sister to the store my mom was in dropped her off, "Went to get a soda" and went back to the store and bought it. I am going to add sleeves and give it to her on Christmas day all ironed and pretty so she can wear it to church. :D I'll Update.....
I love this scarf, again it's from Charolette Russe. I think I am going to make one, out of T-shirts, glitter, and I'll add a hood.
Which do you like better,
the word
Scoodie, (scarf hoodie)
Harf (Hood Scarf) ?

I love this felt/T-shirt bag.

Okay I found this from Fred-flare, It is so ingenious, just search birds on a wire

This circle scarf is so pretty, off topic but not, I love water color paintings, and this scarf reminds me of one. :D

50's pink shoes , Adorable!

Oh and I found this cool video ->


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