Monday Going Ons + Blogging the color pink

Well, It's Monday. But surprisingly I am not asleep. It was bright an d sun shinny for the first time in MONTHS, especially since I get up at 5am for seminary! Yeah about that, it's been going okay. However I find myself nodding off some days. Today was good until I got a paper cut. If I didn't have to read SO books in English..... anyways. I cut my finger on my current English book Unwind. It's pretty good. except. it's weird. Speaking of books, I am writing one! It's basically a mind freak, it's a book full of flashbacks, and what the world be like without a purpose.

♥♥♥ Homecoming was Saturday and my mom made my dress, I have gotten so many compliments on it , thanks mom! ♥♥♥

♥♥♥I love Love LOVE the pic above! ♥♥♥
So yeah, it was fun, I hung out with all of my friends, danced, wore these gorgeous new shoes! (Thanks Mom
Here is my fb post from that night:

        Had a great time at home coming, Yesterday was awesome, I went to the mall, worked on my painting, read, got some new shoes, and saw all my friends :)

Yeah it was awesome :D
Yesterday at church we had this AMAZING lesson on being Thankful. So I'll try to blog more POSITIVELY and be more thankful.
I am thankful,
for my family,
my friends,
and the gospel!

So now that I've blogged about my life.

I'll blog about other cool things I like.

I think this was in people magizine, but I am totally in love with Camille sheak dress!

SarahMcNeil drew this amazing picture. I do not own this photo, but I admire it. And SarahMcNeil (on Etsy) other drawing

Ace of Cakes, made this Funky Egyption cake.

I've been dreaming of a PINK Christmas?

This funky dining room is what I call cool. lol ;)

Plaid Pendant
FAME- I wanna live forever? looks more like I wanna BE forever.

what a Cookie wedding


Chocolat Milk and cookies, could it get better?

How bout strawberry? Yum!

Aw, so cute!

Tyedye Hero!

Thisyearsgirl on Etsy Sure does paint epically!

This baby shower is to die for! Cheesecake, Donuts, Malted Milk balls. YUM!

And this hanging bed in pink room

Cow girl

looking Perty in Pink!
The Pink Pioneer

Pink + Gray


And Me....

Here is me rocking my pink!!

Bag of the week.
Vera bradleys wristlet.

Photobucket Photobucket

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