Manic Monday

So Christmas 2010 is already over. It seems INSANE to me that Fall and Winter passed me by without me even noticing. Sure I suffered through the mounds of homework, early morning seminary, and 35 pound backpack, but I guess I was just too busy to even notice that time was passing me by.

The Days are long (especially the painfully long days filled with exams and just plain old school)
The year goes by fast,
The years go by faster.

(as my mom would say)
Here is a basic ( and probably not needed )
long list of basically how my life goes.

Monday -

Fight with the covers and the falling moon,
Pray that the sun won't rise and that it will still remain today - tonight- forget tomorrow.
This is the point and time where I'm usually in the middle of a fabulous dream of the Bahamas, 
Blue oceans, ect.

When Suddenly I can hear furious knocking
and "GET UP" at my door.
I don't think anyone likes to hear those two words on any day but December 25th.
I look at the clock it's 5:00 am.
So I turn on my light and shut the door. 
Toss myself back into bed.
hover my eyelids half way closed and half way open.
I'm too tired to pull the cover back over me.
It's probably good I don't do this- I'd fall back asleep.

As I lay there shivering, something inside of me tells me I still have to get up.
And I argue with myself
Should I get up?
"You have school!" "Your Friends go to school"

So I find the strength to sit up . swivel and put on my sock monkey slippers.
Slink down stairs, and grab a pair of socks.
I come up stairs now awake, not remembering that I actually walked down the stairs, across the gross red carpet and on the cold gray concrete floor, simply to get a pair of socks. But some how I realized that I'm standing in the hall way holding a pair of socks, in my pajamas.
I re-enter my room.
Shut the door,
 and get dressed.
Run to the coat closet,
put on a coat.
grab some breakfast (usually to go)
put on my thirty five pound hunk of a back pack,
and climb down the old creaking deck stairs into the garage.
The cold air makes my eyes grow large.
I am freezing
I rush into the "man" van. where my dad has been waiting for me.
We drive to the stake center, I go to seminary (church school)
and I car pool over to my high school.
where I am cheerfully greeted by my "goth" friends.
The bell rings,
I find myself in a room full of kids.
32 to be exact. One kid never shows up.
so it's only 31 of us.
Our teacher slams down a book,
and cruelly opens the blinds,
I think thats why they call them blinds,
becasue the blinds, blind us every morning.
We work for 90 minutes.
during that time we sit unnervingly waiting to her to tell us that we have 10 page essay on a 400+ page book,
or that we have to write eight poems over the "holiday" break.
I wonder why they don't just call it Christmas.
The bell rings and there then shines a glimmer of hope.
Maybe there will be a fire drill,
a tornado drill,
or maybe it'll snow.
Or better yet a school bus will ram into the school and will all have to evacuate and go hope.
It's a wonder why I won't just decide to be home schooled.
I walk through a crowd of 1000+ people, all familiar faces, but names I'll never get right.
I wave hello to my BFF Brittany,
She smiles,
and she takes my day from horrid, to happy.
Then I go to second period.
I never considered my self Smart.
Especially not in math.
But this year I have been testing with Flying colors .
I understand it completely.
After all it's geometry.
I like my teacher.
He's nice, and he's certainly and angel compared to my English teacher.
I open my notebook full of doodles and scribbles.
Grab my calculator.
Stand up for the pledge.
I cross my heart with my hand and recite the pledge.
I am an American.
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
We take a seat, and I sit quietly and patiently, while my peers chitter.
I find myself cringing at the meer sound of the person who sits behind me voice.
The loud tones,
and horrible english.
The screech of over confidence,
confidence is key,
So I've been told.
But being confident in something you don't know was her speacialty.
But I simply tried to ignore it.
Ignore the sound.
That voice.
The voice of a high strung cheer leader.
That annoyance.
It's hard at times but I manage.
We get to work
and the class goes by almost too quickly.

The bell rings,
and again I find myself in the midst of all my peers.
I swerve past the tall people, the short people, and people my height.
I go into the lunch room, pass the cheer leaders.
and quake at a table full of "noises".
Sit at my own table.
This is my place. The one place I can be with my friends.
Melody. Tim.
and eight others. We are the Chill lunchers.
We try to down our food even though it's only 10 am.
Within that cherished 15 minutes
we exchange jokes,
and laughs,
and Tim attempts to flirt with Melody and me.

The bell rings and we frantically say our good byes, and clean off the table. I rush against the crowds one last time. And I board my ugly yellow bus with even grosser green interior. I sit next to my Best Friend Andrea.
We chat for 5 minutes during the bus ride over to the community college.
I am taking a class on web design.
Andrea is taking Medical / Nursing.
We arrive and  walk towards our classes.
I am usually the last one in class.
I walk in a class full of nerds.
In some ways I am a nerd.
The tiny class is full of depressive black wearing kids.
While I wear bright pinks,
I am the black cow,
Or the pink flamingo in a heard of penguins.
I take my seat that faces the back wall.
My seat is a worn swirly office chair.
Purple in color. I slug my back pack on the ground,
reach for the technicolor pencil ,
or my scented recycled newspaper pencils,
they're called smencials.
I am a Mac they are PC's.
I copy down the warm up,
cruise through the activities.
Show my disapproval at the "Woman make me a sand which jokes" 
Share my daily stories with Ash, and Flora.
Listen to yet another annoyance ask me a bazillion questions.
and work on random projects here and there. Pretty soon the 180 minute class is over.
and I board the bus,
and go back to my high school.
Go to the cafeteria.
And the bell rings,
I run out of the school hope on yet another bus,
and go home.
My bus ride is filled with talk of Monty Python,
How much I hate english,
and up coming events.
After thirty minutes on a yellow bus I get off.
I walk to my house. Around the corner.
I live on a circle. The opposite side of the entry to the road.
So I can choose weather I go left or right.
I get the mail.
Walk down my drive way
Go inside,
and I'm immediately greeted with "How was your day"
answered with
"I don't know"
I get on the computer.
Check the email.
and grab a snack.
Go in my room and start my insane homework.
Eat diner.
Watch a movie or catch up on Ghost Hunters, or the Office.
I then mosey back down stairs.
Get a towel come back up.
Take a shower.
Throw on my Pjs.
Climb in bed,
Text, listen to music.
fall asleep.
and start my day all over again.

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