Pioneer day

Well I got the New Era, the Friend and the Ensign  all have stories about pioneer day. So I decided to gather pioneer ideas, 

 I thought this blog post was really cute, it's a pioneer day party.


 she really put alot of detail in her parties. She Made adorable little aprons for the girls and the dolls.

Each Apron is Labled so each girl knows which apron is hers. She also made an adorable quilt backdrop,
At the party she had wagon rides for the kids,

What would also be cute is if she had penny candy and toys like buzz saw to give out. Like a mini pioneer shop. I found this Bonnet pattern great for the trails
Here's a great apron pattern

Need some awesome 'penny' candy go to
And order some candy. Tell guest to supply the penny and charge a penny a peice and a nickel for 5.
Personally I like candy buttons, but you could also home bake some penny candy/treats. Make cookies, charge 3 cents a cookie. Not only does this make a great treat, uses our extra cents that we just can't get rid of, gives a nod to the past, but it also teaches the youngins about money. Which is awesome!

For the buzz saw here is the how to on that http://library.thinkquest.org/6400/buzz%20saw.htm

Have the kids decorate their bikes and wagons and hold a parade. Serve up some ice cream, and play Marbles, Hopscotch, & Jump rope.

 about the different pioneer booths,

  1. panning for gold - screening sand with a penny hidden in it.
  2. milk the cow - wooden cow with glove utter
  3. collecting eggs- stuffed animal chickens on nest boxes with plastic eggs.
  4. hanging laundry- wet clothes on clotheslines strung between trees
  5. horseshoes
  6. butter making Which is really fun when everybody helps
  7. old fashioned pictures- Make sure everyones wearing pioneer gear
  8. hand cart rides- Or wagon rides
  9. hand cart candy station ( use penny candy idea above )
  10. sack races
  11. jump rope / wheel races
  12. rag doll making or hankercheif dolls
Or color your own wagon http://www.mormonshare.com/sites/default/files/images/coveredwagon.jpg
Or Handcart http://www.mormonshare.com/sites/default/files/images/handcart.jpg

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