Craving ice cream? No ice cream? can't run to the store? Kids throughing fits? Make It!

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

I have fond memories of me being a super blond , short, nearly the only white girl in my kindergarten class, shaking a plastic bag, tossing it back and forth with my classmates. The freezing cold ice gliding across my freakled skin. Then those excited eyes, screaming for ice cream, around me. I join in the off tune corus. Our teacher pleads us to quite down and our lips zip tight. We listen with bold eyes how this really works. Kids fidget, and then the teachers end her speaking with pasar bien. Meaning enjoy in spanish. The teaching assistant passes out the plastic bag to each child. Each has a name written in colorful shades of sharpie. We are handed spoons and then we eat. It is delicious! A wee bit salty, but still sweet. I have chocolate 'ice cream' that looks more like chocolate soup.

So I hope you take time to make this with your kids/siblings/ or for yourself. Just make it! Today I made it with my siblings Amanda, and Matt. We shook up the bag on the trampoline, and enjoyed it outside. It was very yummy! We used Ovaltine Malt mix  instead of coca powder, it tasted more like the real stuff.  

Need written instructions? go to http://allrecipes.com//HowTo/how-to-make-ice-cream-in-a-bag/Detail.aspx
Or for kid friendly instructions visit & print http://images.allrecipes.com/site/allrecipes/pdfs/icecream_in_a_bag.pdf

Today I'm going to make my own ice cream. I'm crossing my fingers! whish me (x)luck(x)
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