Alright so, My BFF Sami came over, and when she comes over, we cook! We cook, and cook, and cook until every pan is dirty, and the dishwashers full. So this week during our shalom, (don't ask) we made Lamies or Lampies A combination of our names and pancake. These "pancakes" were made in a muffin pan. Heres how.
Get some pancake mix, ingredients need to make mix , and....
food dye, (optional)
Your favorite pancake 'mixins' like blueberries, chocolate chips, and anything else YOU like.
A muffin pan , large bowl,
Pam cooking spray,
and some company.


  1. first, take out bowl and pancake mix. Follow mixes instructions for creating batter.
  2. Preheat your oven to 350- 375 degrees. We used 375 for our recipe. When the oven is ready,
  3. spray your muffin pan with Pam. Do NOT forget to do this. You will be sad.
  4. Nows the time to add in your 'mixins' or 'add-ins' if you would like, if you are using food dye add it into your mix. Your could also put mixin's on top.
  5. Insert muffin pan liners into pan.
  6. Pour mix( batter) into muffin tin liners so each cup is Almost full. DO NOT overfill! If you only fill up some of the muffin tins, pour water into the empty spaces.
  7. Bake untill the pancakes look like muffins and are golden brown.
  8. Remove pancakes (lamies) and let cool for about 1 minute, or serve immediatley.
  9. put some butter on top, and pour on the syrup
  10. And Enjoy! :D And watch the confused faces of your guests as they take a bite, expecting it to be a muffin. ROFL!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy!



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