Friday Favorites

Fashion - Some of my favorite dresses + shoes

I love the print of this dress

Warm moccasins will defiantly keep your winter warm!

Wolf print shirt! RAWR!

Talk about making an impression, = style.

Golden Girls!

Not exactly the center of attention. but close.

Shine on!

Cloaked in Beauty

Do You believe in Glitter?

Room Decor + More!

White on White = Bright!

Shabby Chic


Bright and airy

Masculine + Feminine = HOLLYWOOD GLAM

Manly Modern

I love the hair ;)

I've been dreaming of a White Christmas

God Save the Queen!

Royal England

Radio time

Wool is definitely Cool! ( Well warm...)

I love the 'floating' side table

Manly Boys room , Bonus Real men wear ties...

Silly Photos this week...

Meet Matt,
Look at your kid,
Now look at My brother,
Sadly, Your kid isn't my brother.
But Your Kid could look like my Brother with wax lips.
Look down, Now up, Matt's wearing red.
Look at your kid, Now look at Matt,
Matt's on a Horse.

Just thinking. LOL :D

Purse of the week

Ecoist.com (s) Dove chocolate wrapper purse, I would wear it with this outfit.

Photobucket Photobucket

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