Friday Favorites

Fashion- Classically Vintage

I like the Classically vintage look, sure it's been worn before, but personally I love it. I love the belted dresses, the clean lines, the pretty shoes, hair accessories, ect!

Halloween Related- Mr. Bag meet Ms. Shrug

Cutest trick or treat bag ever! Doubles as your purse, because who really needs a pillow case full of candy?
And why would I go trick or treating when I could be watching ghost hunters?

Love dressing up all festive, but still want to look sophisticated? well this shrug would look super cute over that cute little black dress you have.

Gadget - The Radio

Since the radio was invented in the 1800's, radio is a dying form of listening and enjoying your favorite shows. Some people say television is better, but with radio you can picture the characters. Everyday on my way to seminary (Church school from 6:15- 7:00 before school) I listen to some radio shows with my dad, I like the mystery ones and the funny ones. One of my favorite episodes was a mystery show  about a girl who was tricked into thinking she was insane, by seeing the man in a scarf painting come to life. We get all of our radio shows from: Otrcat.com

Old Time Radio--Box 13: Adventure wanted--will go anywhere, do anything! Happy listening at OTRCAT.com

Cooking- Cookie Dough Cup Cakes

I found the recipe for these yummy cupcakes at
I cannot wait to make these.
Even though I don't love cupcakes, I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH! (Yea I know, your saying"YOU DON'T LOVE CUPCAKES! What the heck! Well its too messy, and I don't really like frosting unless it's Cream Cheese frosting. :D  )
Decor - Black, White and Orange

Print at

I love the classic look of black and white, but I also like the boldness of orange. :D

And in this months CountryLiving,  that looks like this|
It featured an interior designers School house home. Which by the way is SUPER CUTE!

He used the elements that were left behind, like chalkboard
It has a  vintage, classic, airy feel.

Clean meets Complicated...


My mom and I have made these cheesecloth ghost before, We put them on our table for a center piece.

My friend took this AMAZING photograph at an abandoned mental hospital.

I made this wig last year, It didn't take very long, it cost $1 for tape, and it turned out AWESOME!
I got the directions from Martha stewart.com

I went as Reduce-A
here was my $1.50 cent coustume.
I had the toga, I had the Gold ribbon, I had the earings,
I had the newspapers, I bought tape for $1 and a Reduce, Re-use, Recycle button for .5cents

And that's this Fridays Favorites

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