On a new road....

Well, This story is so cliche, but I am on the road to getting healthier. I posted (a while ago ) a post on me run/walking a 5k. Well I feel like that was a great start to getting on the road to getting "Healthy". I am overweight, and I know I need to fix it before  it leads to a life of being big. I'm not like the girl on HUGE. and I do not consider my self so big I need to go on one of those TV shows, but I feel like I could be, as I said before, Healthier. So my mom and I are working out this summer. Running, watching Richard Simmons, Lesli Sanson, and trying to eat right. I am considering getting the book
300 under 300. Which is a book of 300 hundred recipes under 300 calories. I don't know if it the diet for me, but it is worth a try. So wish me luck :)

Pray, Read,Smile :D

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