Camp Booklets for Girls Camp.

This year I am a YCL for Girls Camp. {Youth Camp Leader.} And I was assigned to make camp books/schedules for all 150 girls and 50 leaders. YIKES! So I worked really hard and camp up with this design.

You print it back to back. And Walla! Beautiful. It is stapled and hole punched at the top. I might be doing a tutorial later. might be. not a promise.

BUT Girls Camp is ALMOST HERE! It's next monday, insanity! I haven't even packed. I am super Duper excited because our theme is
Heavenly Ever After.... A crown awaits you!
I love this theme a whole lot because it is so spirit filled. {Don't know what I'm talking about? learn more here }
As you can see by the schedule we will be doing a great amount of work to make this camp a success. I have been studying the subject in the scriptures. {Learn more HERE } and praying for the success of this camp. I love Girls camp. Last year was so fun!   And I know, Girls camp will be great this year too. I'll blog more later. :D <- SUPER SMILE

Pray, Read,Smile :D

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