Just happy/ Me a Scientist?

Today was a great day! : )
why you ask?
a few reasons

1. It's friday!
2. I sold 71 boxes of Girl Scout cookies myself {now I have to deliver them- ugh.}
3. My friends are Awesome!
4. today was course selection day at school, and we have to go around to all the teachers we had this year and get the recommendations for classes we have to take.
And I'm currently in two merit classes
(well was)
geometry {SO EASY!}
and biology[ easy too ]

anyways both of my teachers for those classes is letting my move up to honors because they feel
"I have potential" 
infact my biology teacher asked me what I wanted to be,
and I said art teacher/ website designer,
and she chuckled and said
"You should become a scientist"
a what?
a scientist?!
No one ever told me that, in fact my teach last year (*cough* *cough*) told us we need to do better, and kinda of brought us down, telling us that we could never be real scientists.
Well that kind of threw me off a bit today, could I really become a scientist? I don't know any of my elements [well except I know that gold is AU- I think, lol]

Flash to vision
Scientist Laura has conducted research on a set of unidentified creatures and has concluded that they are aliens from mars, this discovery gets her the Nobel Prize for 20?? .

I don't know if being a scientist is my passion, I love Mythbusters, my grandpa was a chemist, and my aunts a scientist (She studies Mold). However those three things does not mean that I  Have to be one too- does it?

My passion is art!
I want to teach it, Preach it! Create it, Share it!
I also want to create blog backgrounds and websites-that would be so cool!

But who knows I could be a scientists,
I could be a great physicists,
Or be on Mythbusters.
I am really inspired by Kari Byron shes the girl on Mythbusters
not only is she a scientist, she also makes awesome art

Here is my combination of the two.
Yeah- not my best work, but good for 10 minutes. 

 and time for reason number
3 A's and 1 B! Although I was striving for all A's , I got really close.
I remember the year I got all A's, I felt great, I felt smart, it was great to have all A's.

reason number
We got a CC's pizza and town and were going there to eat dinner tonight.

Reason 7 today was a great day

I got a lot of compliments on my gorgeous outfit
It's official I look good in PURPLE! : )

Reason number 8
We had doughnuts, hot chocolate, and played BINGO in 3 classes today- FUN!
Reason 9.
My hair did what I wanted it to!

Reason number 10
today was just one of those day where you have no reason not to be happy- be glad, SMILE :D 
Where you can just break out into song (try Smooth Criminal by MJ) - Laugh out Loud, Roll on the floor. ect.


Pray, Read,Smile :D

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