Groundhogs/ Crazy/ New york minute / testimony

So Phil did not see his shadow (YAY!) but the groundhog here in Maryland saw his shadow and he is 90% accurate about the snowfall and spring coming.
I keep having this saying play over and over in my head
"A New York minute..."
partly because I was watching this movie and the one girl in it was
"You wouldn't last a New York minute here."
and also I can't believe that January and 2010 came and went so quickly!
It is so crazy. I will admit there are times (like now) when I wish
I could just pack my bags and head west to Utah and go to college already.
{mostly because my siblings drive me CRAZY so crazy I wish I was in an insane asylum with nice white padded walls and 3 square meals, and hopefully blogging. }
But then there are times I'm glad I can savor my time [like at Girls camp]
I love nature and I would love to go to summer camp all summer, even though you have to wake up early and it's harder to shower, I love waking up to birds singing, taking nice hikes, hanging out with my friends, going to the crafting station, and not having a care in the world; ah...if only life could be that way but it's not.

Life is about running around,
not knowing what to do,
what's next,
or who you'll meet...
but knowing that where ever you go,
whatever you do,
whatever is next,
who ever is around the corner,
Heavenly Father is always there,
to answer your prayers,
to bless you,
he hears you,
he knows you.
I know Heavenly Father loves me,
and he loves all of his children.

So next time you {I} are {am} in a hurry, or feeling lonely, or just feeling blue, remember that you are loved, you are and will be blessed, you are not alone, and that your Heavenly Father is there.
Pray, Read,Smile :D

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