Room Redo- week 1 -Nuetral

So I decided I'd do a New thing called Room Redo, and offical blog post section where I showcase my facorite room elements. So if you want to quickly get to these post go to the search bar under pages and type in Room Redo.
This weeks theme,
Classically Neutral
I was inspired by this painting that I found on someones blog to do this post on vintage nuetrals with a modern twist.

I love the light that shines into this office, and the rabbits on the shelf, I also like is spartan ways, that make it easy on the eye, and so clean looking.

I love the White on White look, and the fun details. But my most faviorite part is the big oversized Vintage element that connect the world today to the times long passed.
White Maroon cookies filling a clear glass jar is a great center peice for a coffee table , and makes guest feel welcomed and treated like royality.
Agian, White on white, Vintage elements, and a mordern touce makes a room come alive.
this old fashioned light bulb chandeiler would be beautiful in a loft or any eclectic home
when you combine serene wood tones and splotched walls you get a spa like feel
I love these chairs! So classic yet would great in a modern loft.
Neutral Heaven!

This is my all time favorite nook!

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