Hey Mom, Hey Dad, this is what I want for christmas!

This is some options I am considering to get for Christmas.

The new ipod touch :D

it has,


Retina display

HD video recording

Game Center
Ships: 3-5 business days
Free Shipping
And free Engraving!
although it does cost $299.00 it does a lot more than any other competitor!

Well, obviously if I get that, I probably won't get anything else, at all. In fact, if I want that I better pay up at least $150, or I wont get it at all.
With maybe a case, from

But if I don't get that I want this instead.

Not only do I LOVE the Beatles music, I love my wii, I went over to my friends house and played this game, it was alot of fun, and this is a multiplayer version, so I can be Ringo, and she can be Paul.

"It's been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog! "

and I totally HAVE to get this,


I hate having my feet looking all dirty and I get all paranoid about walking barefoot in my house at night, (especially since I stepped on a tack and left a blood on my carpet. which I had to clean. :'( sadness ) But I love fuzzy slippers, but I would really like to get some hi-top fuzzy moccasins ( no , not ugg boots. )

maybe I could get these slippers instead

Speaking of boots, my Grandpa would be so proud, but If Mom can't find fuzzy moccasins, and just gets my some cheap (yet adorable ) slippers , than a DSW gift card would be nice, so I can find a pair of Cow Girl boots,

But if I don't get the wii game, or the ipod, here are some things that I love and would like to receive as a gift.
However, I still want some slippers. : )

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE owl city so it is essential that I get a T-shirt & hoodie!
I like these shirts:
This is my most favorite
My second favorite

My third
My Forth

my fifth

And I LOVE this hoodie!

These are ALL availble at http://www.districtlines.com/Owl-City/T-Shirts
:D :D
And of course, every teen should get this

Do they make Etsy Gift cards?
If so I want One! :D

And here is my Geeky Gifts that every Techno Art Nerd
 should get,
This mug
Okay, I don't really want this mug I just like it.

Mustache on a Stick - The Mr. and Mrs. - Alright I'll make my own

.British Red Phone Booth Gadget Case - Fits iPhone Cell Phones iTouch and More
I think this case is super amazing!

And wrap it all up in this packing!

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