Dear Self,

I know you let last year just get away from you. I know you could have been better. I KNOW you could have helped more people, alias what did you do ? Well honestly I don't know. You did nothing! But its time to step away from the computer and get on the treadmill so you can help yourself... then help others. It's like a chain reaction. And come on! We all know you could have done WAY better in science. You could of sold more girl scout cookies, shovled more driveways, raked more yards, helped babysit more kids. But this year is a new year! A fresh start! So purchase a cat to scare away that computer mouse, and go and walk that dog! Go serve others, go study science, go work on personal progress, go sell girl scout cookies, Go Be the ME I always wanted to be! Go now. For you have read this whole letter, and if you still arent motivated, your hopeless! Alias you are motivated! See if you weren't you wouldn't of kept reading. See I told you, you were motivated. look you keep reading. see. I TOLD YOU! now at the end of this letter stop reading, and GO! GO do what makes You Me! Go !

-Laura Singleton
Go & DO!

Hey, you stopped reading. Wait a minute ... if your reading this then you didn't stop! AHHHHH! STOP READING ALREADY! or do I want you to kepp reading? I just don't know anymore! AHHHHHHHHHH!

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