Quick tips on blogging!

To add a fun back ground go to http://thecutestblogontheblock.com/free/free-backgrounds.html click the one you want , you want to pick one that is NOT a 3 collum. Then scroll down to wear it says ( Copy & Paste This Code: ) copy everything in the box and log on to your blog. when your on t...he dashboard click layout under your blog name in the middle of the page. Click (Add gadget) on your collum, a box will pop up and it will say (add gadget) click on the (HTML/ java script ) it's the third one down. paste the whole code into the space provided. Lable it ____ ( underdashes) so it's un-noticable in your collum. click save, and click view blog to see how it looks. To change the background go to (layout) and click on the box in your collum labled _______ (underdashes) and delete to text and repeat the whole process. Well I hope this helps! Thanks! if you need any help check out http://www.youtube.com/BloggerHelp for howto videos.

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