May Day!


It's MAY! and that means a Crazy sceldule. My birthday is also in May, it's May 25th! I'll be turning 14. This means (for my church going friends ) seminary, High school & 1 year closer to being 16. What can you expect to happen this month? ALOT! New changes + ideas. Mabye even something Bigger. As you know my biz is in the getting ready stage, and I'm sure busy. Infact I've gotten alot done! But there is always room for progress- and I hope to accomplish as much as I can. Thank you ALL! And stay tuned!


p.s. we got our new recycling bins! I'm happy to see the county taking action on recycling!

p.s.s I might even make recycled paper goods

p.s.s.s My puppy still is cute!

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