Earth ideas!

as you have noticed I'm a "green girl" waste - isn't to my taste! my business is designed all around recycling! Celebrate earth day with lasting fashions by going green, do anything to help the enviornment! Buy some re-usable grocery bags, or even just take a trip to recycling. Anything helps, Keeps lights off during the day , only use them when you HAVE to. plant a tree, pick up trash, or donate money to the WWF ->http://www.worldwildlife.org/home.html?sc=AWY0900WCG00&searchen=google&gclid=CLL2x8m-15kCFRNM5QodCG_aXg DO SOMETHING! Need more idea's ? watch Bill Nye, he can bring up some good helping the enviornment idea's. SO GET UP , & GO GREEN!

The purse below is 100% recycled ( and I made it! ) this is made out of crocheted walmart plastic bags. The strap in made out of tires. This is my contribution to earth day, these would have ended up in the trash- but instead it ende up as my purse! I used 15- 30 bags. It holds alot of stuff too! Now go out and do something for the Earth like I DID! :-) I <3 EARTH!