The curse, The Contest, The Comments!

My family has
always had a saying, "If you don't stop growing, I'm going to put a ROCK on your HEAD! " Well now that I'm taller than my mom, its too late for her to put one on my head. So I told her " Mom, now your going to have to stand a rock. "

She of course laughed. I want my followers, friends, family & future friends/current strangers, to comment any funny sayinngs YOUR family has, SO LEAVE A COMMENT. I will pick my FAVORITE, and that person will WIN a handmade product I make, YOUR CHOICE! Even if you don't like what I make, or you don't think YOU can WIN still LEAVE A COMMENT!!

Go to http://www.wix.com/bigbear525/The%20Box%20Person/Page%209 to enter!

CLICK HERE to leave one!


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