Dreamers into Doers


It's now SUMMER!!! That means several things, 1. I'll have time to make my products 2. I can get in touch with people Faster & 3. I'm going to open Lasting Fashions!!!!! I am so excited, I know some of you have been waiting over a year for it to open. I will set up pay pal today and open my buisness in about 2 weeks!! We have lots of brand new products , all are awesome. One of the products I'll be selling is a Recycled plastic cosmetic case! Plus check back every month for SUPER SAVINGS! Also wish me luck, I'll be entering Martha Stewarts contest Dreamers into Doers where people all over enter to win a chance to get $10,000 & Be on the Martha Stewart Show! So Remember to check back Soon!

Laura Singleton

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