The new american girl movie & Doll Chrissa comming soon!!! see the trailer @ http://www.americangirl.com/girloftheyear/

Hey it's me, LasGirl (a.k.a) Laura

So guess what I got for christmas- I got an ipod touch 16gb!! just what I wanted! plus I was suprised with a harvest your own pearl necklace, I've always wanted one, infact I spent about 4-5 dollars trying to get it out of a claw machine. Let's just say that Claw machines AREN"T MY THING. I also bought myself a vera bradley purse with the money I got from my grandpa, it was on sale! I also got new earrings, which I'm wearing. My aunt gave me $15 to Micheles craft shop. Which I plan to use sometime this week. My friends (the thurgoods) gave me New Mexico Socks & a Sweatshirt. I love them. I also got a claires gift card from my sis. We'll that's it- oh wait! I got lot's of lipgloss- & a baby barn ornament that makes sound. We'll that's it. What did you all get? Anyways, did you hear about the new American girl.

aww cute by neomaddie, made at DoInk.comTO MAKE YOUR OWN- GO TO DOINK.COM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TO SEE Mine, GO to the bottom of the screen where it says: Valentines day sketch and click play!