Yesterday I went to Penera Bread! It was my seconded time ever being there ! And it was the rest of my family's first time. We all ordered, then we all filled up our drinks. My Dad, Mom , Brother , & sister went to find a table. And I went to get the food. I Picked up the two platters, thinking the were really light. So I walked faster, and I dropped one platter, mine, my Greek Salad + sour dough bread roll. AHHHHHHH! I couldn't belive the clatter it made, the sound of defate, the sign of clomsy-ness, Oh how imbaressed I was! then the employees came with a broom, and dust pan. I rapedly picked up the salad , and threw it away, as employees told me "Its okay, we'll get." Although I was too embaressed too stop. I looked over my shoulder and i saw, people starring. So I decided I had to stop that seconed. I thought , oh boy! Now dad will have to pay for the plates and a new salad for me. I washed my hands and as I past the "pick up" table to go back to my seat, the lady said, here's your salad. With some embaressment and relife, I clutched onto the salad, and went back to the table far away from "most" people. I didn't want to eat any-more- But I knew "I Had too" So I took a little first bite, mmmmmmmmm!!!! It was too good not to eat. I shared the roll hoping it would make up for the mess, In return both mom & Dad shared some bread with me, and even my sister let me have a couple chips. Amanda said they neaded salt but, I like em' plain. I hope evry' body dropps a plate, or else I would be even more embraressed! But still I LOVE PANERA BREAD- but not the plates!